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Since you’re here, you are probably interested in buying a new pair of powerlifting shoes or want to know how your current pair measures up against the competition. As a competitive powerlifter, I am always in pursuit of the best, and that includes the apparel that I choose. Even more so than a belt, the right shoes for you can go a long way toward success.

Like many others, I first lifted in the same pair of sneakers that I wore around all day. While they worked for benching, I quickly found out that these shoes were too unstable for serious squatting and deadlifting. Luckily, I had a pair of wrestling shoes to fall back on. Because of their flat sole and superior rubber grip, my squats and deadlifts felt like completely different lifts. I noticed an immediate strength boost just from changing my shoes!


Five years later, I have tried numerous powerlifting shoes, including but not limited to the Matflex 4, Chuck Taylors (high and low top), Rogue Do-Wins, AdiPowers and the Crossfit Lite TR. I have squatted over 500 lbs and deadlifted over 600 lbs in many of these shoes. I had great experiences with some shoes, but others gave me problems. Despite being popular choices, a couple of shoes simply couldn’t handle the rigors of powerlifting and would fall apart after a few months of use.  

Through my work at the renowned powerlifting gym Orlando Barbell, I have also had the opportunity to hear feedback about shoes from fellow lifters. Based upon their advice and my own knowledge, I have made successful recommendations to other lifters looking to select the right shoe for them. I know I can do the same for you. Through honest reviews and a desire to see the best out of everyone, I am sure we can find the shoe that will take your lifting to the next level.

Thank you for your time,

Hans Hinnershitz

Founder of PowerliftingShoes