Best Knee Sleeves on Amazon

Best Knee Sleeves on Amazonbest knee sleeves on amazon

Do I really need knee sleeves?

While knee sleeves are not a requirement for lifting, there are huge benefits to having a pair. The primary purpose of a knee sleeve is to prevent us from causing damage to the knee. This is important when lifting, jumping or running. All of these all put great pressure on the knee. As of 2005, 700,000 Americans a year require knee surgery. This number is expected to rise 673% to 3.48 million by 2030! Simply by wearing knee sleeves while you lift, you can take a step to ensure you don’t become a part of this statistic.

If performance is important to you, the addition of knee sleeves are also a good bed. Admittedly, you won’t get much carryover out of them, perhaps 20 pounds at most out of a tight pair, but knee sleeves drastically help with stability of the knee and recovery. Through compression and increased blood flow to the knees, your lower body will recover faster with knee sleeves so you come in fresh for that next squat session. Now that we have established the importance of knee sleeves, we shall look at the six knee sleeves that I recommend most off Amazon. As we shall see, not all sleeves are created equal.

1. Rehband Knee Sleeves

Rehband’s original knee sleeve, is Rehband’s best selling knee sleeve of all time. Also known as the classic Model 7051, this knee sleeve was designed in Sweden and manufactured in Estonia for injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement purposes. The Model 7051 has quite the reputation in both powerlifting and strongman. As a matter of fact, if you have watched The World’s Strongest Man, you would see many of the competitors wear Rehbands around both their knees and elbows! If the best in the world turn to Rehbands, then you know this is a darn good knee sleeve!

Despite introducing a new model onto the market, lifters always come back to the original royal blue Rehband. This is in large part due to quality of the model. At 7 mm thick, the Model 7051 is 2 mm thicker than its replacement — the grey Model 7751. The Model 7751 is still a fantastic knee sleeve though so I would consider it if the price tag of the originals are a little too steep for your liking. For pricing and information on the Model 7751, click here. Both products are made of 100% Neoprene foam and 100% Polyamide cover and lining. Unlike some other sleeves, Rehbands are IPF and IWF approved, which means they are legal in most major powerlifting competitions. I’ve had my pair for over four years now and have yet to have a single problem with them. In fact, I’ve had other brands given to me and I ended up giving those away to my friends because I like my Rehbands so much! If you want to get a little extra pop out of these when squatting, I would order a size down. When buying, keep in mind that you must add two knee sleeves to your shopping cart as these are sold per sleeve not per pair!

–>Click here for pricing and reviews of the Model 7051 Rehband Knee Sleeves

rehband knee sleeves amazon

2. Slingshot Knees Sleeves by Mark Bell

The Slingshot knee sleeves are relatively new to the market. Created by powerlifter and creator of the Slingshot, Mark Bell, these knee sleeves are heavily marketed to the powerlifting community. Just like the Rehbands, Slingshot knee sleeves are made out of 7 mm thick Neoprene. In fact, the design of these knee sleeves looks nearly identical to the Rehbands! Like any good knee sleeve, the Slingshots will keep the ligaments of the knee compressed and warm. This will improve performance and reduce the chance of injury. Although the Slingshots carry a 4.4 rating on Amazon, there are larger concerns over durability than Rehbands. On the other hand, the Slingshot knee sleeves allow for greater customization as they come in black, red and pink. They also are cheaper than Rehbands and are less likely to slide down your knee during workouts than some other brands. Overall, Slingshot knee sleeves are a great knee sleeve and definitely worth checking out.

–>Click here for pricing and reviews of Slingshot Knee Sleeves by Mark Bell

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3. Nordic Knee Sleeves

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Rehbands must be pretty flattered by now. Just like the Slingshot knee sleeves, the Nordic knee sleeves appear to be nearly identical to the Model 7051 Rehband. While this sounds like a bad thing, it actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Until recently, there weren’t so many quality knee sleeves on the market. As of this writing, the Nordic knee sleeves have a whopping 4.9/5 on Amazon with 89 reviews. Now that’s a highly rated product! Nordic sleeves are also on the cheaper side and feature an one year hassle-free warranty. Nordic created a fine product with minimal complaints about durability. In fact, only one of the 89 reviews complained of such an issue. Most negative reviews stemmed from Nordic knee sleeves running large, so it might be a good idea to purchase the next size down just in case. Nordic knee sleeves only come in black, so they don’t have the color options like the Slingshot knee sleeves, but I wouldn’t let this scare me away from such a well made product. I have heard though that these aren’t yet approved for the USAPL or IPF powerlifting federations though, so if you plan to compete in either of these feds, I would email or call your meet director before making this purchase. If you aren’t interested in those federations or competing in general, than this isn’t an issue yo have to worry about!

–>Click here for pricing and reviews of Nordic Knee Sleeves


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4. Hayaku Knee Sleeves

Hayaku knee sleeves are another 7 mm thick sleeve made out of 100% neoprene. These sleeves were designed specifically for squats, Olympic lifts and intensive leg workouts. They come in in black, asphalt grey, olive green and gray and Hayaku claims that their sleeves can be cleaned in the wash. This is a huge plus considering how stinky knee sleeves can get. Hayaku knee sleeves also come with an one year hassle-free warranty through Amazon, so if your sleeves fall apart you can simply return them for another pair. On Amazon, a couple of reviewers complained of their Hayaku knee sleeves tearing apart after their very first day of use. This seems to occur most often with people who order a size down, so I would be wary of a super tight fit in these. Instead, I would choose Rehbands for that purpose. By pricing, Hayaku sleeves fall in the middle of the pack, as they generally run cheaper than the Slingshots and Rehbands, but are more expensive than the Nordics.

–>Click here for pricing and reviews of Hayaku Knee Sleeves

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5. Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves

Titan has been one of the world leaders in powerlifting equipment for quite some time now. Titan makes suits, shirts, briefs, wraps, belts and more. They know their stuff. Although this review is on the Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves, Titan produces another pair of knee sleeves that can be found here.

Performance comes first with the Yellow Jacket. When creating the Yellow Jacket, Titan heavily borrowed concepts from SPD knee sleeves. In fact, the Yellow Jackets were most likely made to compete directly with the SPD. If sized correctly, lifters will get more carryover from the Yellow Jackets than any other sleeve on this list. At 30 cm long and 7 mm thick, the Yellow Jacket is a large sleeve. Theoretically, this and the X pattern seam on the front will provide more compression than any other sleeve on Amazon.

Some people do complain that the X seam makes the Yellow Jacket uncomfortable, but this seems to be a minor complaint at best. Otherwise, people love this sleeve and its rise in popularity is warranted. Typically priced at $70, this is an expensive sleeve, but the Yellow Jacket is actually cheaper than most of the high end sleeves that its facing off against. If you are a serious competitor, I would take a closer look at these USAPL and IPF legal knee sleeves.

->Click here for reviews and pricing of Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves     titan yellow jacket knee sleeves amazon

6. Tommy Kono TK Knee Bands 

For those who don’t know, Tommy Kono is one of the greatest American weightlifters of all time. He holds two Olympic golds and an Olympic silver to his name and is the only Olympic weightlifter in the history of the sport to hold world records in four different weight classes. Kono also won the World Weightlifting Championships six years in a row, was a three time Pan American Games champion and even a successful bodybuilder with a 1954 Ironman Mr. World title to his name. Without the help of Tommy Kono, we wouldn’t have these knee sleeves.

Tommy Kono TK knee bands are the cheapest knee sleeves on this list. At 6 mm thick, these neoprene sleeves are slightly thinner than the other sleeves on this list. Thee TK’s are also harder to put on. Many lifters resort to baby powder when trying to slide these on. The TK’s are useful as both knee sleeves or elbow sleeves and are washing machine safe.

With over 330 reviews on Amazon, the TK’s are an extremely popular knee sleeve, especially among those who are interested in general strength training. These sleeves don’t see nearly as much love in powerlifting or strongman competitions because of how thin they are. This doesn’t mean they are a bad sleeve though. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The TK’s make an excellent knee sleeve to start off with, particularly for those hesitant to shell out more money for the other knee sleeves on this list. You owe it to yourself to check out the Tommy Kono TK knee bands.

–>Click here for pricing and reviews of Tommy Kono TK Knee Bandstommy kono tk knee bands amazon

Product Comparison Chart

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Closing Thoughts

  •  Nordic knee sleeves are relatively cheap and high quality, but have yet to be approved in some powerlifting federations
  •  In rare cases, Hayaku knee sleeves can tear if too small. For a snug fit, consider Rehbands.

No matter which knee sleeve you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting a great product for your money. Not only will your performance be better than ever but your knees will thank you too. Please comment below, share this page and like us on Facebook!


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