Cheap Weightlifting Shoes – Powerlifting Shoes

cheap weightlifting shoes powerlifting shoes

Cheap Weightlifting Shoes – Powerlifting Shoes

When looking at shoes for weightlifting, it’s easy to overpay. The best Olympic weightlifting shoes, the Adidas Adipower and Nike Romaleos, can cost upwards of $200 and others aren’t far behind. While these shoes deserve recognition as the best weightlifting shoes around, many of us don’t want to shell out that kind of money. Luckily, we don’t have to. Not only are there cheap weightlifting shoes on the market, but there are other shoes that do the job well even if they aren’t branded as a weightlifting shoe.

There are several considerations when shopping for cheap weightlifting shoes. The first is obviously that it’s cheap. $150 shoes won’t do here. Great powerlifting shoes can even be found well under $100. Before we set out budget though, we must realize that the lower our cost, the more limited our options. For example, if you want Olympic shoes which feature an elevated heel, its unlikely you will find anything under $75. If interested in a Crossfit shoe or general weightlifting shoe; however, your selection is much more robust.

The purpose of the shoe must be weighed when browsing for cheap weightlifting shoes. As mentioned previously, Oly shoes have an elevated heel. The elevated heel serves two primary functions. First, it creates a stable base that won’t compress under load. Additionally, it masks deficiencies in ankle flexibility. This results in an easier time getting to depth on squats and similar movements. If you lack flexibility or are consistently performing Olympic lifts, then I highly recommend lifting shoes that implement a raised heel. For those who fall into this category, I recommend the Do Win weightlifting shoes  or the Adidas Powerlift 2.0. I also hear good things about the VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe, although I have yet to try them myself. All three of these shoes can be found for less than $100. To see pricing and reviews on these shoes on Amazon, click on links above.

For those not focused on the Olympic lifts, there are a multitude of cheap weightlifting shoes that warrant merit. For both squat shoes and deadlift shoes, our major concerns are grip and stability. We can’t have lifting shoe that compresses under pressure either. Ultimately, all of these factors come back to the sole. A flat and thin sole is best. Soles that provide a lot of cushioning make a poor weightlifting shoe. With that in mind, I would first consider Chuck Taylors and PF Flyers. Both can be found for $30 or less and have all the criteria we are looking for. In fact, the Chuck Taylors have a cult-like following in Powerlifting because of how cost efficient they are.

cheap weightlifting shoes chuck taylors shoes powerlifting shoes

Chuck Taylors are one of the best cheap weightlifting shoes available

If this is still over your budget, Walmart has Chuck Taylor knock offs at half the cost. These shoes may not be around for long though because Converse is suing 31 rival companies for copying their flagship shoe. I also worry about the durability of such a cheap shoe, especially compared to the tried and true Chuck Taylors. On the other hand, those willing to fork out a little bit more money can find one of the best weightlifting shoes in the Crossfit Lite TR — a shoe designed specifically for powerlifting that still carries a modest price tag.

Chuck Taylors, the Crossfit Lite TR and PF Flyers are appropriate lifting shoes for squats, deadlifts and other exercises where your feet are planted, but aren’t optimal for movement based drills. In this case, I would check out wrestling or boxing shoes. Asics wrestling shoes such as the Asics Matflex 5, always served me well in training and I only paid $40 for them. Reebok’s Crossfit shoes are noteworthy as well, although I would still prefer another shoe for squats, deadlifts and the Olympic lifts. A Crossfit Nano and pair of Chucks would be cheaper and more versatile than the Nike Romaleos alone.

As you can see, there are many cheap weightlifting shoes to pick from. The Do Win Weightlifting shoes and Adidas Powerlift 2.0 are solid Oly shoes. For powerlifting, the Crossfit Lite TR gives you the best bang for your buck, although you can’t go wrong with Chucks, PF Flyers or Chuck Taylor knock offs. If you like to squat and deadlift but want to do mobility drills as well, look no further than the Asics Matflex line. Finally, if you need cross trainer shoes, the Crossfit Nano might be the right for you. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting the most for your money. I guarantee it. If you found this article informational, please share it with your friends and like us on Facebook. I am more than happy to answer any comments below as well!


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I am a 23 year old Powerlifter and Strength and Conditioning Assistant at the renowned Orlando Barbell gym. My best raw totals to date are 1576@220 and 1555@198. I am in the process of cutting to the 181's where I believe I stand my best chance competitively. I will graduate in Spring of 2016 from UCF with a B.S in Exercise Science and minors in Biology and Personal Training.

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