Converse Chuck Taylors Shoes – Powerlifting Shoes Review



converse chuck taylors shoes powerlifting shoes

 Converse Chuck Taylors Shoes – Powerlifting Shoes Review

Converse Chuck Taylors are easily one of the most popular powerlifting shoes on the market. Also known as Converse All-Stars or Chucks, these shoes have been around since the 1920’s and remain largely unchanged although a new model is coming out in 2016. Occasionally, Chucks Taylors shoes can be found for as low as $20 and is commonly found for $40-$50, making this an incredibly cost effective shoe. Future Converse Chuck Taylors shoes are expected to start at $80, so I would buy up the old Chucks now if you like what this review has to say!

Converse Chuck Taylors shoes are hardly lacking in variety as well. Both high top and low top options are available. If ankle stability is preferred, choose the converse high top. If ankle mobility is desired, you can’t go wrong with the converse low top. Chucks also come in all sorts of color and design palates. They even have batman Converse Chucks! You know this is a gorgeous shoe when the basic template is still around nearly a hundred years later.

While Chucks are cheap, durability is a concern. Many lifters love that the canvas material allows for a tight fit, but this comes at the cost. I had to replace my Converse Chuck Taylors shoes yearly because the outside would tear. This was because I carry the weight of my body on the outside of my feet during squats and sumo deadlifts. The esteemed powerlifter Chris Duffin double stitches his Chucks to prevent this. Then again, I have met people who had pairs that were still in good condition after years of use. Overall, Chucks will probably hold up for casual lifters. Even powerlifters that squat with a close stance and pull conventional should give them a shot. One must always keep in mind though that Converse Chuck Taylors shoes were not designed for lifting.  

Chuck Taylors shoes are respectable from a performance standpoint. As a matter of fact, numerous world records are set in them! They feature a sole that is fairly flat and thin. This aids in stability and the ability to efficiently transfer force from our body to the ground. Shoes with a thick and squishy sole are poor at transferring force. This could cause less weight to be lifted! Unfortunately, Converse Chuck Taylors shoes do come with one performance issue — the grip isn’t great. Chucks can’t match up with lifting shoes in this regard. This isn’t a huge concern unless you squat or deadlift with a wide stance.

Converse Chuck Taylors Shoes Breakdown


— Unbelievably cheap

— High and low top options

— Beautiful shoe with vast array of designs

— Great fit

— Flat shoe with minimalist sole


— Durability

— Grip


Final verdict: Converse chuck taylors shoes can be a great buy. I suggest all beginners start with this affordable shoe. Consider shoes tailored for lifting if you stick to it for a while. chucks can also be a great shoe for close stance squatters and conventional deadlifters. Other options may be superior if you are an established lifter and use a wide stance. For more information on all kinds of powerlifting shoes and tips to find the right powerlifting shoe for you, check out my Powerlifting Shoes 101 article.

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