Crossfit Lite TR – Powerlifting Shoes Review

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Crossfit Lite TR – Powerlifting Shoes Review

In Januray of 2014, the Crossfit Lite TR entered the powerlifting scene. Despite the Crossfit moniker, these Reebok shoes were designed specifically for powerlifting. While the uninformed claim the Crossfit Lite TR is simply a re-branded Chuck Taylor , this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, Reebok turned to the powerlifting community for help. With the feedback during the design process from powerlifters Jesse Burdick and Mark Bell, the Crossfite Lite TR makes a strong case as the best shoe in powerlifting.

Initially, the Crossfit Lite TR was priced at $89.99 and offered limited customization. Now, the original high tops can be found for less with a variety of options. An assortment of colors are available and low tops were created too. Every shoe can be made out of suede, canvas or leather and is completely customizable on the Reebok page. Your money goes a long way with the Crossfit Lite TR.

If performance is important, then the Crossfit Lite TR is an excellent selection. Unlike Chucks, this is a shoe that won’t roll out or tear on the outside. This is particularly useful when sumo deadlifting or squatting with a wide stance. The grip is fantastic as well. This is because of the sole which maximizes surface area to increase friction through numerous suction cupped divots. Like most quality powerlifting shoes, the sole is thin and flat.

The wide toe box of the Crossfit Lite TR is also incredibly useful. Not only is it a lifesaver for those with wide feet, but it increases stability and grip too. Additionally, the insole can be removed. I tend to remove it for deadlifts. Unlike Olympic shoes, the Crossfit Lite TR does not feature a raised heel. This is only an issue though for those who squat high bar and/or with a narrow stance. In that case, something like the Do Win Weightlifting Shoes  might be a better choice.

I do have mild concerns over the durability of the Crossfit Lite TR. After a year of use, mine are starting to fall apart at the toe. I am not the only lifter to have this problem. As a matter of fact, I have seen it with almost all of my friends. I think I can glue it together easily enough, but its a knock on the Crossfit Lite TR nonetheless. The laces were ridiculously uneven and tore almost immediately. I would consider lacing them with better laces. These minor faults do little to sway my glowing recommendation of the Crossfit Lite TR. Out of all the shoes I have tried, the Crossfit Lite TR is my favorite. It may not be as cheap as Chucks, but it’s a shoe made by powerlifters for powerlifters. That and its performance is more than enough for me. Get this shoe.

Crossfit Lite TR Breakdown

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— Designed specifically for powerlifting

— Cheaper than Olympic shoes and occasionally on par with Chucks

— Leather, canvas or suede material

— High or low top

— Grippy

— Very stable


— Durability may be a concern

Toss Up

— No raised heel

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Final verdict: It’s hard to go wrong with the Crossfit Lite TR. This shoe is exceptional in nearly every category that I consider when reviewing powerlifting shoes. The Crossfit Lite TR deserves a place in every lifter’s gym bag. Comment and share below!


Hans Hinnershitz

I am a 23 year old Powerlifter and Strength and Conditioning Assistant at the renowned Orlando Barbell gym. My best raw totals to date are 1576@220 and 1555@198. I am in the process of cutting to the 181's where I believe I stand my best chance competitively. I will graduate in Spring of 2016 from UCF with a B.S in Exercise Science and minors in Biology and Personal Training.

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