Do Win Weightlifting Shoes – Powerlifting Shoes Review


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Do Win Weightlifting Shoes – Powerlifting Shoes Review

Rogue Do Win Weightlifting Shoes have been popular for quite some time, particularly among Olympic lifters (although as powerlifting shoes as well) and for good reason. Frequently priced at $89.99, Do Win Weightlifting Shoes are cheaper than most other Olympic lifting shoes which feature a raised wooden heel. More often than not, cheap Oly shoes in this same category lack wooden heels, instead opting for lesser materials that may compress when loaded. This is less than ideal because some of our power that is generated is lost from compression of the heel. This means that our squat or deadlift numbers could be negatively affected! Luckily, this is not a problem with the Do Win Weightlifting Shoes!

Having a wooden block for a heel does come with its own disadvantages. When training sessions drag on, the heel can become uncomfortable and even painful to the foot. Furthermore, this is a bulky and heavy shoe that is not meant to be used for anything other than lifting. Running around and performing Crossfit circuits or strongman training in Do Win Weightlifting shoes are not recommended and you could even damage the shoe! This holds true for all Oly shoes, not just the Do Wins.

In addition, this shoe offers both a 1/2″ and 3/4″ heel in Men’s sizes 3.5 to 15. For the sake of powerlifting, the 1/2″ is likely to be superior, as 3/4″ is just excessive and unneeded for a barbell back squat. In fact, many powerlifters prefer flat footed shoes over the Do Win Weightlifting shoes, especially for the deadlift. This is often because lifters complain about a heel pitching them forward on the squat and deadlift. If this movement pattern is left unchecked, chronic knee pain may soon follow. With that in mind, shoes with raised heels such Do Win Weightlifting shoes are frequently seen in meets by people who squat with a closer stance and/or rest the bar higher on their back. If you are a close stance, high bar squatter, its worth giving a raised heel shoe such as the Do Win Weightlifting shoes a shot.

Not only are Do Win Weightlifting shoes cost effective for powerlifters and olympic lifters, but they also are of extremely high quality. During my year and a half of using them, I saw no deterioration or wear. The same cannot be said about other shoes that I have worn. The grip on the Do Win Weightlifting shoes was fantastic as well and gave me an unparalleled feeling of stability when squatting. The sole was comparable, if not better than some shoes twice its price. Do Win Weightlifting shoes also come with two metatarsal straps which I used to tighten the shoes to my liking and to keep the shoe laces out of the way so I wouldn’t trip on them.

The Do Win Weightlifting shoe had some other characteristics that could be good or bad, depending upon the individual. These shoes are notably wider than other shoes, which is great for a person with fat feet like me, but could make sizing difficult for someone with narrow feet. Furthermore, Do Win Weightlifting shoes are suede. Personally, I didn’t like the look of the shoes because of this and the suede seemed to cause the shoe to collect chalk, but that is just my opinion. Finally, Do Win Weightlifting shoes offer ankle mobility because this is a low top shoe, but at the cost of ankle stability.

Do Win Weightlifting Shoes Breakdown


— Affordable

— Wooden heel with two size options

— High quality and built to withstand punishment

— Very stable and grippy

— Adjustable straps for a better fit and clean look

— Low top for added ankle mobility


— Not a good shoe for running, crossfit or strongman

— Can become uncomfortable and painful after hours of wear

— Low top reduces ankle stability

— May pitch you forward and cause knee pain if uncorrected

— Chalk magnet

— Ugly compared to other shoes

Toss Up

— Wide Shoe

— Design works best with upright, high bar and/or close stance squatters 


Final Verdict: I highly recommend Do Win weightlifting shoes as both powerlifting shoes and Olympic shoes to anyone except for individuals who squat low bar/wide stance and have narrow feet or are searching for a shoe to use for running and other movement based drills. If this is not you, then you can’t go wrong with the Do Win weightlifting shoes! Unfortunately, Rogue Do Wins are not offered by many websites; however, there is another identical Oly shoe, the Pendlay Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes, which can be found on many popular websites including Amazon. To find out more about Rogue Do Win weightlifting shoes, follow the link below and be sure to share this article with your friends! If you aren’t sure the Rogue Do Wins are for you, check out my Powerlifting Shoes 101 article which features a comprehensive list of all of the most popular powerlifting and weightlifting shoes out there.



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I am a 23 year old Powerlifter and Strength and Conditioning Assistant at the renowned Orlando Barbell gym. My best raw totals to date are 1576@220 and 1555@198. I am in the process of cutting to the 181's where I believe I stand my best chance competitively. I will graduate in Spring of 2016 from UCF with a B.S in Exercise Science and minors in Biology and Personal Training.

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